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Izabela (Izzy) Langner-Rego

Izabela (Izzy) has been assisting at and covering for Astanga Yoga Here Teacher Roberta Giannotti since 2024.


Izabela (Izzy)  is authorised - Level 1, to teach the Astanga Yoga System by Sharath Jois who now the lineage holder of Ashtanga Yoga.

Born in Poland, Izzy has since travelled the world for work, adventure and Astanga Yoga, which she was introduced to in 2009.


Izzy has lived in London since 2016, where she  has been practicing with and assisting Roberta.

You'll find Izzy assisting Roberta at morning yoga classes at Astanga Yoga here every weekday morning except Mondays.

Izabela Langner - Rego​  My first contact with ashtanga yoga was in Poland, where I am originally from. AlthoughI had attended various yoga classes before, nothing stuck until being introduced to thepractice in 2009. A love for travel and multiple relocations for work made self-practice achallenge for the first couple of years. Whether fate, luck or chance, in 2011 I took up ajob in Beijing across the street from the only Mysore classes in the city at the time,taught by Duangta Manomas, student of John Scott and my first steady teacher.From childhood, I have had a life-long attachment to swimming, then came diving, whileliving in Asia I got into surfing and climbing. In 2012/2013, on an extended leave fromwork for those last two, I also found my way to Mysore to practice with Sharath Jois atKPJAYI. I returned regularly to Mysore after that and in 2016 received a level 1authorisation to teach ashtanga yoga.Since 2015, I live in London. In an ongoing project, I balance work in architecture,ashtanga and swimming - the two practices that truly stuck - and most recently,assisting Roberta at Ashtanga Yoga Here.

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