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Hello and welcome to a beautiful, both energising and calming Practice.


The Mysore Style class is structured so everyone is taught individually within the group, that means all levels are practicing at the same time, and everyone is taught at their own pace.


The Ashtanga Mysore Style is the Root method of all "dynamic" yoga, where all the other types of yoga stem from; Hatha/dynamic/vinyasa/flow etc…the list is long!


At Astanga Yoga Here, you will learn the Original method taught the Traditional way.  

Why 'Mysore Style'?

One of the great advantages of this system is that you learn to memorise a sequence, this means when you are unable to make it to class you can practice on your own this makes a big difference on integrating it to your life, which in turn becomes the gift that keeps on giving!


It truly is a magical practice, which works on so many levels! 


We hope you will come and join us in this wonderful life enhancing experience!

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