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Mysore Style Classes 

Named after Mysore, the city where Ashtanga Yoga originated; Mysore-style is the traditional method in which Ashtanga Yoga is taught.


Experienced students move through asanas in the Primary and Intermediate Series at their own pace in a group setting, under the guidance of a teacher.


During the Covid lockdown, the guidance is provided virtually by Astanga Yoga Here Teacher Roberta Giannotti from her home in London UK, via live video stream.


Roberta views students doing their own 'self practice' and guides them verbally throughout.


This virtual class is just like being in a real Mysore-style class except everything is received by sound including hearing Roberta's guidance and hearing fellow students practicing (sometimes students are muted if there is howling feedback).

Mysore-Style classes are for experienced and advanced students of Ashtanga Yoga.


These classes are on Thursdays during the Covid-19 lockdown.


Students are welcome to join anytime from 6:45am to 8am.


The classes finish at 9am.

Please note these classes are not suitable for complete beginners, who are instead invited to join us at our General Level classes.