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Named after Mysore, the city where Ashtanga Yoga originated; Mysore-style is the traditional method in which Ashtanga Yoga is taught.


Classes are on Tues, Wed, Thurs & Fridays:

  1. online via live video stream 

  2. in-person with Astanga Yoga Here Teacher Roberta Giannotti in North London (location below).



If you are joining online:

Teacher Roberta views students doing their own 'self practice' and guides them verbally throughout. You will be instructed one-to-one at your own pace in this group setting. 


This virtual class is just like being in a real Mysore-style class except everything is received by sound including hearing Roberta's guidance and hearing fellow students practicing (sometimes students are muted if there is howling feedback).


This is how we practiced over Covid lockdown for almost a year and it worked very well. 

Please wait in the virtual waiting room at your class start time of either 6:15am or 7:15am, when Roberta will listen out for new joiners and will let you into the class.





If you are attending in person:

Arrive anytime between 6:15am and 7:45am. The class ends at 9am so it's best to start at the latest by 7:45am to give you time to practice. 

Archway Methodist Church
Outside Archway Tube
Navigator Square,
London, N19 3TD
Buzz: beginners room

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