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It's traditional in Ashtanga Yoga to observe the full moon and new moon by taking a break from yoga on those days.


Therefore there are no classes scheduled on those days in our Calendar.

Full Moon & New Moon Dates 2022/2023 - No Classes


September 2022 Moons

🌕Saturday 10th Sept Full Moon

🌑Sunday 25th Sept New Moon

October 2022 Moons

🌕Sunday 9th Oct Full Moon

🌑Tuesday 25th Oct New Moon

November 2022

🌕Tuesday 8th Nov Full Moon

🌑Wednesday 23rd Nov New Moon

December 2022

🌕Thursday 8th Dec Full Moon

🌑Friday 23rd Dec New Moon

January 2023

🌕Friday 6th Jan Full Moon

🌑Saturday 21 Jan New Moon

February 2023

🌕Sunday 5th Feb Full Moon

🌑Monday 20th Feb New Moon

March 2023

🌕Tuesday 7th Mar Full Moon

🌑Tuesday 21st Mar New Moon

April 2023

🌕Thursday 6th Apr Full Moon

🌑Thursday 20th Apr New Moon


May 2023

🌕Friday 5th May Full Moon

🌑Friday 19th May New Moon


June 2023

🌕Sunday 4th Jun Full Moon

🌑Sunday 18th Jun New Moon


July 2023

🌕Monday 3rd Jul Full Moon

🌑Mon 17th Jul New Moon


August 2023

🌕Tuesday 1st Aug Full Moon

🌑Wednesday 16th Aug New Moon

🌕Thursday 31st Aug Full Moon

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