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Ashtanga Yoga

Moon Days

It's traditional in Ashtanga Yoga to observe the full moon and new moon by taking a break from yoga on those days.

Therefore there are no classes scheduled on full moon or new moon days in our Calendar.

Full Moon & New Moon Dates 2024/2025 - No Classes

June 2024

Thursday 6 New Moon
Friday 21 Full Moon

July 2024

Friday 5 New Moon

Sunday 21 Full Moon

August 2024

Sunday 4 New Moon

Monday 19 Full Moon

Using the Moon Phases app (above)

You can see at a glance if the moon looks like
  1. it's full or almost full, or
  2. new or almost new (when the moon is crescent shaped)
What the terminology means
  • "Waxing" means the moon is moving towards being 'full', when the moon is the most visible in the sky. 
    If the app says 'Full' it's a full moon day and there is no yoga class. If it says it displays a '% of Full', it's still waxing towards becoming full. There are yoga classes on these days if there is one normally scheduled.

  • "Waning" means the moon is moving towards becoming a new moon, when the moon is the least visible in the sky.
    If the app says '0% Full 
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