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The Mysore Self practice system is the traditional way to learn Astanga yoga and be followed personally, so you are taught and progress at your own pace and not that of a group...


Everyone, at all levels of practice, is taught one on one within the group.


For beginners:


The first class is Booked in advance, on a day and time that suits you.


After this first introduction class you will be able to come any day between 6.15am-7.45am (remember to look out for Moon Day closures).


During the Beginners course you will be introduced to the basics of the practice, started on a small manageable program of; postures combined with the breath, a breathing meditation, and a relaxation, the whole practice usually lasting between 50-70 minutes.

It builds progressively from one week to the next. By the end of the six or eight week period you will have a firm foundation on which to continue your yoga practice both, at AYH and on your own! 


Initially we suggest a twice a week attendance for a period of 6/8 weeks.

This is a good, minimum amount of practice, allowing you to get the full benefit of; learning the sequence gradually with step-by-step guidance and one-on-one support and instruction.


Doing this within the group also demonstrates a good sense of how one progresses and regulates the practice according to changing needs and circumstances.


This is the most successful way of establishing a solid personal practice that you can do anytime, and anywhere you can roll out a mat! 




                                                   *6weeks         *8weeks   


2x per week        £96             £108 


3x per week        £115           £145 


Unlimited x pw   £120            £150

* from date of first class, 6/8 consecutive weeks