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           We Are Open


Monday to Friday 

6.15am - 9.15am

Arrive anytime between 6.15am-8am to start your practice.

Saturday Led Class 

9am- 10.45am

General level

        We Are Closed

On Moon days:


Full moon and new moon days are traditionally taken as rest days, see list of days we are closed below:

May 19

Saturday 4th ● new moon

Saturday 18th ○ full moon

June 19

Monday 3rd ● new moon

Monday 17th ○ full moon

July 19

Tuesday 2nd ● new moon

Tuesday 16th ○ full moon

August 19

Thursday 1st ● new moon

Thursday 15th ○ full moon

Friday 30th ● new moon

September 19

Saturday 14th ○ full moon

Saturday 28th ● new moon

October 19

Sunday 13th ○ full moon

Monday 28th ● new moon

November 19

 Tuesday 12th ○ full moon

 Tuesday 26th ● new moon

December 19

 Thursday 12th ○ full moon

 Thursday 26th ● new moon

Student rates and Local Business Discounts are also available- contact us for more information.